AgKonect has strong experience in the sugarcane industry and is building a solutions portfolio. We can support growers, productivity companies, millers, researchers and agribusiness.

Sugar KPS – Konect Productivity Services (product)

In each sugarcane mill area, a Productivity Services Company (PSC) provides services such as clean cane plant supply, variety improvement, testing, agronomic advice and Smartcane BMP. Each CPSC needs to manage all of its clients and the services it provides, and the nature of this work requires spatial capability integrated with database functions, plus mobility support. Sugar KPS is a modern mobile data system, to help PSCs do their jobs well. We can set up your base system and import your client and farm layers to get you working. Then we can customise the system to suit your unique needs, such as services, analytics, reporting and benchmarking.

Sugar KFR – Konect Farm Recorder (product)

Sugar KFR is under development and will be released soon. It will enable growers to link detailed farm maps with productivity data, for better decision-making. Farm systems can be set up from scratch, or maps and historical data might be obtained from the mill or PSC and imported to the farm’s Sugar KFR. Sugar KFR will be a grower’s “single point of truth” that can be linked with other systems such as precision farming software.