Industry-wide pest and disease management

Konect is ideally suited to broad-scale systems, providing mobility, data-capture and reporting with the power expected at enterprise level.

The Australian mango industry has begun using Konect for its biosecurity monitoring. Summary data is sent to AUSPestCheck for national reporting. The system underpins surveillance for fruit export certification. The industry will add features and data to their system over time, creating great value for business and biosecurity. Other industries are invited to contact us for a demonstration and discussion of needs.

GBM Pest Central is a complete solution for managing weeds and pest animals. Importantly, being based on a commercial platform enables collaboration between multiple agencies, including a state government, local governments, NGOs and farms.

The Australian banana industry uses Konect to monitor and control leaf diseases and banana bunchy top virus. Field staff use the system happily and effectively under arduous field conditions, efficiently providing data of high quality to inform industry decision-making.