Farm management and traceability

Konect is an ideal platform for a custom farm management system. One of our clients manages 600 horticulture farms using Konect to give them fingertip oversight and control. Their modules include IPM monitoring, block and tree performance, fruit yield forecasting, workforce management, contractor management and auditing, accounts linkage, machinery maintenance tracking – anything else can be added in order of priority. We begin by mapping your production assets, then build the data structure in order of priority based on pain points and expected returns.

Recent events in food safety have heightened the focus on assurance and traceability systems. All significant agrifood businesses have an assurance system, to help them manage risks to the greatest extent possible. We can build a Konect system to certify compliance with standards, support electronic certification and provide full production chain data via a barcode. This can increase rigour in avoiding incidents, tracing their origins and recovering from them if they occur. A system pays for itself in staff efficiencies, and the potential to improve quality and reduce waste.

We are constantly being inundated with articles about blockchain, and predictions that “it” will become a standard requirement. Blockchain is a way to manage traceability data, so that the farm of origin of a problem can be quickly identified. Farmers are more interested in ensuring, and assuring, that they are not the problem. Producers with good data systems on their side of the farm gate will be best placed to work with a traceability system, whether it is blockchain or not.