Use cases

Konect is highly versatile and no user is too large or small. We can help any business with operations in spatial dimensions. We can relieve a large organisation of having to build and maintain a mobile spatial data system, so their IT staff can focus on developing and running a fully featured front end. Or we can set up a farmer, consultant or field researcher – no more paper and double-handling data. Your system can be as simple or advanced as it needs to be.

Examples of our projects include:

  • Seaweed farming – custom farm management systems
  • Sugarcane – for productivity services companies and growers
  • IPM – helping IPM professionals with better work and decisions
  • Industry services – e.g. peak industry bodies and cooperatives – better client data, relationships and operations
  • Industry-wide pest and disease management – monitoring, mapping, control, reporting, assurance
  • Biosecurity – helping stakeholders to participate in the ‘shared responsibility’ to contribute to a ‘common operating picture’
  • Farm management and traceability – modules to manage all farm operations and report them up to the farm gate and beyond
  • Research services – agile and versatile field data systems for postgraduate and professional researchers, in public and private research agencies
  • Fisheries R&D – a system for efficient field work.