Our partners

Partnering with AgKonect

AgKonect works in partnership with other companies and agencies, so we can keep learning and improving through new use cases and approaches. Please get in touch if you want to explore synergies with us.

Our key partner is Global GBM, the provider of our technology platform Konect. Our close relationship enables us to bring their wide and deep experience into our own projects.


Our partnership with Mothive adds value to our farm management systems. Data captured by Ladybird sensors can be fed back into a Konect farm management system.

GoMicro is a microscopy 4.0 Company – de-constructing, re-inventing and democratising the microscope, imbuing it with AI with the intention of putting it in everyone’s hand, so that they can summon through it the expertise that once belonged to experts.


Konect systems are a way to capture and use data with a spatial element. Digital mapping is a fundamental tool for agriculture, and farmers are great users of drones for data capture. Drone imagery can be imported to Konect as the base map, on which further work can be based. We invite drone companies and users to discuss their data needs with us.

Biosecurity Solutions Australia is a leading consulting group that AgKonect works closely with.